Colorful Santorin Holidays – Book Last-Minute Flights Tickets Today

Greece is a well-known hub of powerful gods and their misadventures in many famous mythological tales like Hercules, Poseidon and the lately famous Troy. Not many people know that Greece has Santorini – a hidden treasure that offers many different experiences to a thirsty traveler. Santorini is actually a mishmash of collectibles that rarely match, but strangely become part of its unique charm that makes it what it is. The sea-washed caldera is adorned with colorful structures decorated with complementing paint. The beautiful contrast of white Cycladic architecture against pure blue of the sea, splattered with colorful flowering plants and planned aesthetics of the city make Santorini a colorful affair indeed. All is not lost yet, you can book last-minute flights to Santorini right now. You even get amazing red eye flights deals.


Have you booked your last-minute flights tickets yet? Read on to find out some amazing points to visit in this whitewashed Greek city.

  • Ancient Akrotiri: Following the Minoan volcanic eruption of 1613 B.C. that happened, this Minoan city near Santorini was buried deep under volcanic ashes. Soon after its excavation it became a tourist site. The city is today sheltered inside a secure structure; there are wooden walkways that allow visitors to tour the city – to see its roads and three-storied buildings and imagine how life would have been before the eruption. It, sort of, feels like Pompeii, but is greatly different. People even say that Akrotiri is Santorini’s own Pompeii.
  • Art Space: Adorned with peculiar works of modern art, this privately-owned art gallery is more than just an art gallery; there is part of the complex where the owner is dedicated to making his own label wine – Art Space Wines – and some fine vintages, at that. Doubling up as a wine tour and tasting session, this art gallery takes the appreciation of the finer things in life to a whole new level. Art Space makes for a nice destination for a day out looking at great art and appreciating great wine. Don’t miss out on red eye flights deals – do visit this place!
  • Oia: Santorini’s northwest tip consists of this coastal fishing town called Oia. Whitewashed Cycladic houses built strongly into the cliff itself just sit there to look beautiful against the sea-drowned caldera below. One can say this is what defines Santorini in pictures. Oia is best known for its harbor consisting of vividly colorful fishing boats (Ammoudi Bay), its fun and frolic seen at sea. If you wish to enjoy a romantic moment with your loved one, there is no spot better than Oia Castle that catches sunsets like no other – don’t forget your champagne. Make sure to enter this in your bucket list after you book last-minute flights to Santorini.
  • Museum of Prehistoric Thera: Greece has a lot of history under its belt, which calls for a visit to the museum. Museum of Prehistoric Thera houses dug-up artefacts from the ancient city of Akrotiri. You will be astounded to discover that many pieces unearthed in Akrotiri’s excavations are in mint condition! It is the irony that makes this museum a unique one – many items made it here unscathed by the destruction that occurred centuries ago.

Santorini is colorful, it is prehistoric, it is strangely modern and surprisingly welcoming. You will find great quality restaurants here to enjoy the spectacular sea-views the city has from all directions. Book last-minute flights tickets to Santorini as soon as you can, because this city is a whole different holiday experience. If you look online, you will find many last-minute flights tickets on exclusive deals and offers.


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